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Small Newspaper Bags

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This bag measures H:18 cm W:14 cm D: 5 cm


The newspapers are either in Indian language or English. They are made from recycled newspapers, this is why sometimes your bag will have a completed crossword!

Maker Information

The organization was started in 2004 by ‘grown up’ street children.
This motivated group decided to make newspaper bags in order to provide an income for themselves and to offer food, shelter and education to street children in need. The adults in the group and surrounding village make newspaper bags. These can be used as carrier bags or gift bags from recycled newspapers. In the beginning they collected old newspapers from houses using a bicycle. Now, due to the order volumes they are supplied with the unsold papers from various  newspaper companies in Delhi.
New Overseas Traders has supported this group since 2004 and their orders provide 85% of the year round income for the group. By taking a small margin on the price for the bags, they have been able to build up a good following for the bags, to ensure regular orders for the group. Last year the company ordered more than 500 000 bags.

To date the group has helped over 50 street children, through counselling, education, food and shelter. Sometimes they have helped the children to return home, others have been looked after until they are adults who are able to support themselves. The group also creates employment for 60 families in the surrounding village, who help make the bags. They hope to continue their work to help more children. They have bought some land and hope to save up to build a larger home and work unit there.

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