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Environmental Policy

The India Shop Ltd environmental policy outlines our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, and provides a framework for setting objectives and targets to improve our environmental performance.

As a company The India Shop Ltd aims to continually improve our environmental performance by monitoring progress against targets and objectives on a regular basis

• Prevent pollution and reduce our impact on the environment

• Comply with relevant environmental legislation

Travel and Transport

Except for small orders of very light products, and some samples, we ship products to the UK by sea rather than air wherever possible.
To distribute our products around the UK, we use DPD who ensure every parcel that is delivered is carbon neutral
When making palletised deliveries we try wherever possible to double stack the pallets cutting the number of journeys.


Heat and lighting in our office

We try to minimise energy usage, whenever possible we are replacing old lights with LEDs
Only our small office is heated, the warehouse operates unheated.

Packaging and waste

We reuse wherever possible all packaging.

We minimise the amount we send to landfill by recycling as much as possible.

We have a weekly commercial recycled goods collection with metal, plastic, cardboard and glass all separated out.

Raw materials

We favour products made from recycled or upcycled materials.
They should be sourced locally wherever possible.
They should not harm local eco-systems.
Timber policy: is to use wood only from sustainable plantations, recycled, or reclaimed.
Paper: We favour the use of handmade papers. If normal paper is used, it should if possible either be FSC certified, or recycled.
Plastics:  We aim to reduce the use of plastic in the products we buy


Our policy is to comply with all relevant legislation within the UK.