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Intense Hand Balm

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Behind the Balm

We believe it’s super important to address a problem hands on, which is why we’ve created the fairtrade certified Intense Hand Balm to really target the core of the problem when it comes to dry skin. We, often, don’t take the time to look after our hands, although we put them through a lot day to day, and so this balm is an effective yet simple care solution for our handy aids. This is the balm for those times when your skin needs a real lift. 

We use Apricot Kernel oil for this balm, which works wonders for the skin. It  is full of  Vitamin A, which helps this balm to get deep into the skin to help provide long-lasting moisture. The natural fatty acids are super helpful in restoring the skin due to their emollient nature.

Another key ingredient of this balm is Canola Oil, a key player when it comes to rejuvenating one's skin. It works as a moisturiser and an emollient, which means that not only does it hydrate the skin but it also has a smoothing effect as well, leaving you feeling as good as new. 

The Intense Hand Balm also includes Borage seed oil, which naturally contains a large level of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), which has been shown to be one of the most effective agents for maintaining healthy skin. This oil also offers a calming effect, helping to keep your skin looking, and feeling, healthy and radiant, the very least you deserve! 

This balm contains a variety of other natural oils to offer your hands  some well deserved nourishment. These include: Grapeseed Oil, a wonderfully light while highly moisturising oil; Beeswax, with its anti-inflammatory properties; Shea Butter, the superfood of all skincare; Comfrey Oil, with its powerful healing properties; Carrot Tissue Oil, which is packed full of vitamins, nutrients and all things to make your skin glow; Lavender Oil, with its supreme antibacterial properties; Rosemary Oil, a great stimulant for blood cells; and May Chang Oil, a true cleanser.


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