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Gardener's Hand Balm

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Gardening has been proven to play a great role in enhancing one's quality of life, and we want to help make this even smoother for you, and your skin. Introducing our fairtrade certified Gardeners Hand Balm, created specifically to quickly nourish worn hands. 

We understand that gardening takes a lot of work and so we have designed this product with that in mind, using naturally occurring oils and fairtrade ingredients to let nature give back some of the effort that you give to it! 

Beeswax plays an essential role in looking after your skin, as it carries such soothing properties, it is also a humectant, which means it aids your skin in preserving its own moisture, therefore helping your body to look after itself, isn’t that magical? 

Apricot Kernel oil is so beneficial for the skin. It contains a high number of vitamins, such as vitamins C and E, which work together to help nourish your skin and lower the appearance of fine lines, which can be a common side effect of having dry hands. It also has a high omega-9 content which helps to give your skin a lovely satin-like feel. 

We have also included Lavender essential oil in this balm as it is rich in antioxidants, and draws out toxins that may have gotten into the skin through the soil, balancing out your  pH levels and therefore providing the ultimate detox for your hard working hands. Rosemary essential oil is another we have specifically chosen for this balm as it is thought to help support healthy circulation, a necessity for those cold days out in the garden.

The other ingredients used include Shea Butter, for that moisturising punch, Grape seed oil, for its restorative qualities Peppermint oil, for its cleansing properties and it’s soothing effect, and Grapefruit oil, for its antimicrobial nature. 

This product is made from pure ingredients and contains no parabens, no petrochemicals, no sulphates, no palm oil, no artifical colours or fragrances.

The jar is made from PET plastic and an aluminium lid.

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