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Patterned Headscarf

For over 15 years we have been selling these cotton headscarves to hospitals, cancer and chemotherapy units as well as direct to the general public.  

Suitable for hair loss, chemo and alopecia each cotton head scarf is made from 100% soft, cool, non-slip cotton and measures a generous 100 cm x 100 cm.

Choose 3 colours or designs from the range at just £5.99 each and we will include 3 free decorative head ties worth £6!

We add new headscarf designs several times throughout the year, so check our website frequently.

Any questions call one of our dedicated team on 01672 85 11 55


If you are suffering from hair loss as a result of a cancer treatment, the  Headwrappers Service is a UK-wide service for people being treated for any type of cancer. Find out how to look after your hair and scalp before, during and after treatment and how to make the most of alternatives to wigs by using scarves, hats and headwear.  Call them on 0203 633 4713 or visit or email on 

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