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Rose Garden Soap

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Rose Garden Soap

Bring life back into your skin with our rejuvenating fairtrade certified Rose Garden Soap. Using a combination of natural sweet scents and pure moisturising ingredients, we have brought you a soap that cleanses your skin but also transports you to a garden of pink and white petals every time you sniff. 

Rose Essential Oil is the perfect ingredient to enhance your skin’s natural glow. It’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the appearance of any red or puffy areas, helping to give your skin a lovely smooth complexion. It carries the ability to heal and protect the epidermis (the outer layer of skin), and reduce signs of fine lines on the skin. This, paired with our Rose Geranium Oil, which also helps to combat any signs of premature ageing on the skin, is a match made in Heaven. Both Rose and Rose Geranium Essential Oil radiate a sweet floral Rose scent, meaning that this soap doesn’t just cleanse your skin, it leaves you smelling beautiful all day long. 

We have included Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to bring further floral scent but with the addition of a slight exotic note. It is thought to have a fabulous stimulating effect on the skin, and aids in balancing out sebum (the skin’s natural oil) production, which means that it stops your skin from feeling too dry or too oily. 

Palma Rosa Essential Oil helps this soap to hydrate your skin, unlike so many soaps out there that have all those nasty skin-harming chemicals in. It penetrates deep into the skin to begin a nourishing treatment, and in doing so, balances out the moisture levels and locks the moisture in, therefore keeping your skin hydrated for longer. 

It works alongside our other carefully chosen natural moisturising ingredients, such as Olive Oil, to provide the best experience for your skin. Olive oil also helps to keep your skin hydrated, as it seals in moisture and therefore helps to prevent further dryness. Olive oil also contains antioxidants that protect skin cells from inflammation, and so works hard on reducing any redness or puffiness that may be present on the skin. 

Other ingredients include: Coconut Oil, to keep your skin hydrated and glowing; Shea Butter, to help in locking in that moisture; Canola Oil, providing a lovely creamy lather; Sodium Hydroxide, an essential ingredient in soap-making; Cocoa Butter, to add firmness and further moisture to the bar; Avocado Oil, rich in moisturising vitamins; Hemp Oil, great for the skin and helps to make a luxurious lather; Lavender Essential Oil, for its calming benefits; Madder Powder, as a wonderful natural colourant; and Grapefruit Seed Extract, a rich antioxidant. 

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