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Purity Handmade Soap

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Purity Soap

Our fairtrade certified Purity Soap is the soap bar that plays it cool. It contains no added scents from our natural Essential Oils, just the pure aromas that come from our natural moisturising cleansing ingredients. We only believe in pure natural ingredients at Honeystreet Handmade, and this is the soap where it all started.  

We have used Coconut Oil in all of our soaps, as Coconuts are overflowing with skin-beneficial properties. It is rich in the all-nourishing Vitamin E, which means it deeply moisturises your skin, and it has exceptional natural foaming properties meaning that it is super powerful at lifting away germs and dirt from your hands. It is antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal, which means that it will effectively create barriers upon your skin to help keep the germs out, therefore leaving you with clean, and clear, skin. 

We also use Cocoa Butter, which is super conditioning for the skin. It is what helps make up the solidity of our bars of soap, and also helps to create the lovely bubbly lather that our soaps make when mixed with water. It is this lather that is the key in cleansing your hands of dirt, germs and grime and so we really focussed on getting it right. Cocoa Butter helps to build a protective barrier between one’s skin and the sometimes harmful surrounding environment, therefore helping to keep your skin hydrated and store it’s moisture better. Though it doesn’t absorb easily into the skin on its own, when combined with Olive Oil, it soaks right in to start working its magic. 

This is one of the reasons we have used Olive Oil in our soaps. It is high in oleic acid which means it can absorb easily into the skin and help to form a protective barrier against the outside elements. Olive oil also acts as a humectant, meaning that it draws moisture into the skin to help get that fully hydrated feel. It also aids in cell regeneration, therefore helping your skin appear younger and giving it a more supple feel. 

Another key oil we love to use in our soaps is… Avocado Oil! It is filled to the brim with healthy vitamins, including A, B, D, and E, which are all great news for you and your skin! Avocado oil hydrates deep layers of your skin to prevent loss of moisture and therefore leaves your skin feeling silky smooth after every wash! It is also anti-inflammatory so is great at tackling troubled skin. 

Shea Butter is another key ingredient in our soap, in making sure they help to moisturise your hands as well as clean them. It is a natural emollient, which means that it can soak through the skin easily and create a moisture sealing barrier, therefore keeping your skin softer for longer.

Other ingredients include: Canola Oil, which helps to create the soap’s cleansing bubbly lather; Sodium Hydroxide, an essential ingredient in soap-making; Hemp Oil, rich in vitamins; and Grapefruit Seed Extract, a useful antioxidant.

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