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Bhutanese Mahakala Incense

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This high quality incense contains a blend of around 100 different medicinal & aromatic plants and is made according to ancient Tibetan processes.

This blend is specially formulated as an offering to the protector Mahakala.

Our Bhutanese Black Mahakala Incense clears the mind, promotes mental agility and reduces stress and depressive thoughts.

Our Bhutanese Incense mixes Sandalwood with over 100 special Himalayan Herbs only found in the High Himalaya in Bhutan. It is used in meditation to balance the mind and purify the air and remove negative energy.

Bhutanese Incense is a Dhoop incense which means that it is solid incense, it does not have a bamboo stick so you need a tibetan incense holder with the big hole,

Box dimensions:
- Length: 21cm
- Diameter: 4.5cm

approx 37 sticks 

Made in Nepal.

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