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Sweet Lavender Body Butter

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Luxury moisturising body butter, handmade in the countryside from Organic Shea Butter for intense nourishment to give you soft and supple skin. Scented with pure essential oils Sweet Lavender is a calming floral blend.

The jar is made from PET plastic and an aluminium lid.


Sweet Lavender Body Butter

We’ve all heard of lavender helping one get to sleep, and it’s mainly because people find the scent so relaxing. So we thought, wouldn't that be great as a body butter? To provide a luxurious moisturising treatment that makes your mind feel good, as well as your skin. Take the edge off with our fairtrade certified Sweet Lavender Body Butter. We have used Lavender Essential Oil in this Body Butter. This Essential oil promotes relaxation and contains anti-inflammatory properties, therefore we thought it could be great in body butter as a relaxant for the skin and for the mind. 

Shea butter plays a key role in all of our body butters, as it is a naturally occurring emollient.   This means that it can soak through the skin easily and create a moisture sealing barrier, therefore keeping your skin softer for longer. 

We have also included Frankincense Essential Oil, due to its ability to rejuvenate skin and its moisturising benefits. The scent of this oil, plus its moisturising nature, adds a warm, spicy but clean scent to this body butter, to compliment the scent of Lavender provided by the Lavender Essential Oil. 

Another of the ingredients involved is Apricot Kernel Oil, as it takes such good care of skin. It contains a high content of essential fatty acids, which are great at keeping your skin smooth. This oil is also an emollient, which means that it absorbs easily into the skin, without leaving behind an oily residue, and creates a moisture sealing barrier, therefore making your skin feel hydrated for longer. 

The other ingredients used within our Sweet Lavender Body Butter are: Grapeseed Oil, for its high Vitamin E content, making it great for the skin; Corn Starch, to help give our body butters its luxuriously creamy texture; Peach Kernel Oil, to help your skin maintain its supple feel; Petitgrain Essential Oil, for its calming effect; Elemi Essential oil, to add further fresh aromas; and Grapefruit Seed Extract, as it is an antioxidant.

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