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Behind the Print Block textiles

About our Textiles 

We buy the block prints from a Fair Trade registered company in Jaipur. They support sixty men and twenty eight women with year round employment. They pay them fair wages to enable them to improve their living standard, they also provide medical insurance and a pension scheme. The company makes regular donations to a local charity called the Drydan Social welfare Society.


Block printing is a traditional printing technique in Jaipur, India. The cotton material is prepared for  printing and stretched out tight onto large tables.

There is a carved wooden block that relates to each  colour in the pattern. Each colour is printed in sequence to gradually build up the pattern. Each block must be placed precisely on top of the existing design. The ink colour must go onto the block evenly to ensure a good print. The artisan must have a very steady hand and a good eye, one slip and the whole design could be ruined! This takes a lot of practice and a double bed throw takes several hours to print.

The dye is mixed and prepared by artisans who are skilled at colour matching, as there should be consistency throughout the production to meet the  required quality standard.