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Reviving Massage Oil

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Rejuvenate yourself with this luxury moisturising blend of pure oils to refresh and refocus your mind and body.

Reviving Massage Oil

Refocus your mind and body with our fairtrade certified Reviving Massage Oil. We have produced this massage oil with rejuvenating properties at its heart, to help your body to feel refreshed and good as new. 

We have used Lavender Essential Oil as it is one of the most versatile oils, it is a great balancer, meaning that it adapts to fit your body’s specific needs. It can help your body to adapt to stress, due to its soothing qualities and it is thought to be effective in relieving pain, promoting quality sleep and boosting energy levels. 

Rosemary Essential Oil is another ingredient within this oil, as it stimulates circulation when massaged into the skin. This can have a knock on effect for facilitating healthy digestion, as it allows your body to better absorb nutrients from the food you eat, which we think is incredible. Sometimes nature is just so magical, that’s why we love creating these pure products! 

Rosemary is also thought to have an energising effect on the mind and the body, so we thought it was a perfect addition to our Reviving Massage Oil. 

Grapeseed oil, Canola Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil are all light, so they don’t leave any greasy residue behind, and are all easily absorbed into the skin due to their emollient natures. This means that while you’re enjoying the aromas and effects that are happening on the outside of your skin, these oils are getting to work on a deeper level, nourishing and moisturising, to make your skin smooth like satin. Grapeseed Oil is rich in wonderful fatty acids, which are super useful in helping to restructure and strengthen skin and its cell membranes. It is also high in vitamins A, B, C and E which are all fabulous news for you and your skin, as we all know the more nutrients the better! Apricot Kernel Oil is also rich in vitamins, and is thought to help retain elasticity, clarity and suppleness within the skin.

Petitgrain has a refreshing sweet woody scent that combines beautifully with the floral notes from the Lavender and the almost minty scent from the Rosemary. Petitgrain Essential Oil is also thought to have an uplifting and relaxing effect on the mind, and body, helping you to reach that ultimate place of content.

Finally, we have included Grapefruit Seed Extract, which is rich in antioxidants, so naturally cleanses the skin and helps to give your skin a boost. 

So a little message from us to you: take that moment for yourself, to reset, to relax, and feel your best self, with our fairtrade certified Reviving Massage Oil.

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