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Fairtrade Week Honeystreet Handmade Box

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We have a fantastic Honeystreet Handmade box on offer to celebrate Fairtrade week! 

Within the box we have 

Lemongrass(sold out) now Peppermint Foot soak for all the walking you have been doing throughout lock down 

Sweet Lavender Body butter to welcome you into the spring time! 

Cooks Soap, which is full of wonderful nourishing smells perfect for the cook! 

Grannie Annies & Intense which work perfectly together! 

How to: Apply Grannie Annies Balm to sooth bites bumps and bruises, then another day use Intense Balm to nourish dry skin! 

Comes with a Fairtrade Recycled Sari Bag, this can be used as a travel bag for your toiletries! 


Don't forget these...