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Kitchen Essentials with Free Vintage Indian Tin

  • £18.50


Kitchen Essentials with Honeystreet Handmade!

Cooks Soap

Now we all know that hygiene around food preparation is super vital. But we thought, why not make this an enjoyable experience, as well as a necessity? So many soaps out there draw the moisture, as well as the germs, out of your skin and leave your hands feeling dry and worn out. However, we have combined a mixture of hydrating elements and fresh-smelling essential oils, to bring you the finest skin-friendliest soap you could wish for; Introducing, our fairtrade certified Cooks Soap. With the delicious meals your hands help you make, we feel they deserved a bit of appreciation. 

 Intense Hand Balm

We believe it’s super important to address a problem hands on, which is why we’ve created the fairtrade certified Intense Hand Balm to really target the core of the problem when it comes to dry skin. We, often, don’t take the time to look after our hands, although we put them through a lot day to day, and so this balm is an effective yet simple care solution for our handy aids. This is the balm for those times when your skin needs a real lift. 

Grannie Annie’s Balm

Due to our all natural, quality ingredients, we are able to provide luxury cosmetics that truly nourish and benefit your skin. Our fairtrade certified Grannie Annie’s Balm does just this, with an extra emphasis on soothing bites, bumps and bruises, because… well, we’ve all been there! And we’ve made this natural remedy, involving fairtrade ingredients, to try and ease the pain, just like Grannie Annie might have.

How to: Apply Grannie Annies Balm to sooth bites bumps and bruises, then another day use Intense Balm to nourish dry skin!